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#Public Bicycle Sharing System
PUBBS, being a provider of product service system for enabling a smart and hassle-free public bicycle sharing system that fosters bicycling for a sustainable future, presents to you, the following products, developed indigenously by PUBBS for enabling the service.

Our Works

#PUBBS Transit
Bus services provide solutions to urban mobility. Optimal Bus service design ensuring adequate profitability for operators and comfort and conveniences for the users plays a large role in attracting and retaining the user base. Our software proposes a novel approach by introducing a simulation-based bus service optimization model emulating comfort and convenience of individual passenger during the journey while ensuring minimum cost of operation.

Our Works

#Hyperlocal Food Delivery
At the heart of the Hyper-local food delivery lies a logistical challenge- deliver cooked food from neighbourhood eateries to customers. This simple problem of logistics is complicated by factors such as shelf life of cooked food, engagement of delivery partners, and the implication of such a service on an urban area. To address this challenge we have applied micro-simulation of a hyper-local delivery model, helping us optimize it from the perspective of multiple stakeholders.


  • Bicycle sharing system testing will start from 19th December, 2019.

  • The Bus Service Simulation Software and PUBBS Transit Website Launch Tentative date: Friday, December, 20th, 2019

  • SUMo 2020 Organizing International Conference Sustainable Urban Mobility- Challenges & Opportunities in the Developing Countries, 10-12 April 2020 At Kolkata, India.

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  • IIT study for elderly well-being., The telegraph India., By Jhinuk Mazumdar., Updated August 09, 2015.

  • IIT Kharagpur To prepare cycle plan for Newtown., Times of India., By Suman Chakraborti. Updated November 14, 2015., 02.08 IST.

  • New Town gets first designer Wi-Fi hotspot., Times of India., By Suman Chakraborti., Updated December 20, 2016., 11:17 IST.


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